Our Mission

Greater Good Health seeks to expand primary care access and build a new system that supports the needs of both Nurse Practitioners and patients, leading to a greater, healthier existence for everyone.

Clinically Expert

Our Nurse Practitioners are thoroughly trained and accredited, meaning they can provide care for all patients, even those with serious and high-risk conditions.


We consider the personal, professional, mental, emotional, and physical health needs of both patient and Nurse Practitioner.


We ensure our Nurse Practitioners feel empowered to take charge of their career trajectory, their schedules, and their work-life balance to best serve their patients.

Community Centered

We believe good health starts with great connection, so we facilitate that through our in-house app that allows our Nurse Practitioners to connect with one another, and their patients.

Our Core Values

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    Welcome All

    We respect and seek to understand different perspectives. We strive to actively practice inclusion and ensure all voices are heard and valued.

  • 02

    Care Empathetically

    We deeply care about others. In doing so we listen, speak, and respond with clarity, compassion, and intention.

  • 03

    Empower Each Other

    We champion learning, growth, agency, and autonomy. We support each team member to work at the “top of their license” and find fulfillment in their work.

  • 04

    Champion Wellbeing

    We support a holistic, human-thriving approach, and tend to our own and others’ well-being. Our goal is to find work and life alignment.

  • 05

    Be Dependable

    Everyone around us can trust that our words and actions align. We own our mistakes and share our learning with others. We think and act with consideration for people, time, rules, resources, ethics, and GGH’s success.

  • 06

    Drive Impact

    We “bring it” every day. We are continually hungry to learn, share, and tackle challenges. Our commitment to and love for GGH shines through in all that we do.

Our Team

Greater Good Health exists because of a dedicated group of people who have a better vision for tomorrow’s healthcare, today.
Background & Experience

Sylvia has spent her career trying to “fix healthcare,” aiming to solve struggling rising costs and uneven quality. With almost 2 decades of healthcare experience, Sylvia brings her talent to GGH for marrying clinical and business operations and translating that union into value. With patients and providers always at top of mind, she took on roles to systematically transform the care delivery model for both the payer and the provider. She has a deep understanding of the health care system, specifically in managed care and value-based models.  As an operator, Sylvia has pioneered medical management programs that address the needs of the highest-risk patients. As a strategist, she has developed innovative initiatives to improve provider burnout, patient experience, evidence-based practice, and leadership development. She has partnered with healthcare leaders across the country and has led national initiatives for large multi-state groups like OptumCare, DaVita Medical Group, and Healthcare Partners.


Sylvia loves spending time with her 3 daughters and husband, walking to the beach, learning new recipes, traveling, scuba diving, and trying new restaurants with her family.

Fun Fact

Unbeknownst to many, Sylvia grew up dancing ballet and was cast in a Disneyland parade!

Sylvia Hastanan


Background & Experience

Stephanie brings over 20 years of experience in healthcare in both hospital systems and physician groups. Stephanie spent several years in Strategy Deployment and execution, including Lean and Six Sigma where she had the opportunity to study at Toyota in Japan. Stephanie spent the last 7 years with Davita and Optum where she led several teams focused on business integration, operations innovation, Optum Enterprise Strategy and Digital Health.


Stephanie loves spending time on the soccer field or at a gymnastics’ meet watching her 4 kids play. While she has many passions, she’s most passionate about healthcare equity and a system designed to ensure it is accessible for our most vulnerable communities.

Fun Fact

Once upon a time, Stephanie volunteered with Jason Momoa as social work intern in Hawaii!

Stephanie Daclison


Background & Experience

Glynis Grey is a seasoned healthcare leader with more than two decades of experience across operations, program management, leadership development, and executive coaching.  


Glynis loves empowering others to be their best selves. Having a passion for inspiring professional and personal growth, she serves as a bridge between clinical and business acumen, creating dynamic, experiential learning opportunities and developing successful Nurse Practitioners for the future. 

Fun Fact

Music is a big part of Glynis’ life and while she doesn’t play a musical instrument, she has a real knack for discovering new artists and sounds, mixing tracks, and creating fun playlists for her friends.

Glynis Grey

Greater Good Institute

Background & Experience

Scott comes to GGH with over a decade of experience in improving the healthcare operations of medical groups and implementing large-scale transformational initiatives.


Outside of work you will find Scott spending time with his wife and twin children being active in the Colorado outdoors. Scott enjoys a great workout, being outside, and anything related to the beach!

Fun Fact

Scott also loves to cook and partake in cooking classes!

Scott Littleton

Clinical Operations

Background & Experience

Maanasa has an extensive background in healthcare strategy, business development, and operations. She has worked in a variety of settings from pediatric and academic medical centers to high-risk medical groups. She also has experience with pediatric specialty care, high-risk populations, digital health, clinical governance models.


Maanasa is passionate about health-related activities – both mental and physical, everything from mental well-being to healthy eating and fitness-related activities. She also enjoys traveling to experience new cultures, and when she has time, watercolor painting.

Fun Fact

Maanasa is a Certified Yoga Instructor!

Maanasa Patel

Clinical Operations

Background & Experience

Ryan brings over 10 years of managed care experience with a focus on developing and implementing strategies to improve the delivery of value-based care. He loves collaborating with a team that feels equally passionate about the GGH mission to deliver high-quality care and experiences for both patients and clinicians, and working towards the improvement of the overall healthcare system.


Ryan enjoys spending most of his free time with his family. When he’s not running around with his son and daughter, he loves cooking, traveling, and playing an occasional game of basketball.

Fun Fact

Once selected to compete at a Lakers halftime show, and lost in front of thousands of people!

Ryan-John Galicia

Clinical Operations

Background & Experience

Lindsey brings a wealth of Marketing and PR experience from a variety of fashion and lifestyle brands, including Neiman Marcus, Bollare, and Caruso!


Lindsey enjoys a good fitness class, specifically bünda, pilates, or boxing. She also loves reading (she tries to read a book a week!), hanging with her Norwich Terrier named Veruca, and snacking--which she calls her “strongest talent.”

Fun Fact

Lindsey was born on Friday the 13th!

Lindsey Rolfo

Marketing & Public Relations


Re-envisioning healthcare can seem like a daunting task. Here are some common questions, and how we address them:
How do I become a nurse practitioner for GGH?
Does GGH partner with healthcare providers?
What’s the difference between a nurse practitioner and a doctor?
How do I become a patient with GGH?

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